Trump: California Attempts to Nullify Federal Law ‘Have Sparked a Rebellion by Patriotic Citizens’

Wednesday at the White House, President Donald Trump hosted the “California Sanctuary State Roundtable” to address the state’s law that prevents law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officers.

Trump took aim at California communities that have opted out of the state’s sanctuary law.

“We all remember the tragic case of Marilyn Ferris in California who was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been arrested six times prior to breaking into Marilyn’s home, raping her and savagely beating her to death with a hammer,” Trump said. “And this is one example, but there are many examples. I’ve been saying it for a long time. We cannot let this butchery happen in America.”

He continued, “The state of California’s attempts to nullify federal law have sparked a rebellion by patriotic citizens who want their families protected and their borders secured. They want border security. They want protection. That’s what we’re all about.”

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