Steyn: If GOP Wins Midterms, ‘Huge Opportunity’ for ‘Sinister Foreign Power’ to Get Dems to Scapegoat for Stealing Election

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn mocked Democrats for their idea that the alleging Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election would give them enough momentum headed into this year’s midterms to take control of Congress.

Steyn suggested there was a “huge opportunity” for a foreign nation to claim credit for interfering in the 2018 midterms if Republicans hold off the supposed “blue wave.”

Partial transcript as follows:

Yes, it’s kind of any port in a storm. The blue wave is petering out as it comes toward shore.

And you said the Russia hoax. I mean, you’ve got to think, in the chancelleries of the world right now, if all the people who told us that Trump had no chance to win in 2016, if somehow the blue wave doesn’t happen and the Republicans win the midterms, there’s a huge opportunity for a sinister foreign power out there that they can get the Democrats to blame them for stealing the election, so we can have a Slovenia investigation or a Tajikistan investigation or a Solomon Islands investigation.

So, if you’re the Solomon Islands ambassador, now would be a really good time to book a lunch with, say, Mitch McConnell, so it’ll look suspicious on the Wednesday morning after in November.

And I don’t want to give any ideas to the DNC or the FBI, but if the FBI has any spare Cambridge professors lying around that it would like to say to minor Trump officials, maybe a staffer to Mitch McConnell, oh, you know, Slovenia has all those DNC e-mails, I mean, you’ve got to figure, this is the time to be moving on to the next plot now that Russia hasn’t worked out.

CARLSON: So, you’re laughing about this. But the next independent counsel or maybe four independent counsels from now will be pulling this tape and using it as evidence at your trial?

STEYN: No. That’s right. What did I know and when did I know it? But, I mean, I mean, one other thing – I mean, just to be serious here for a moment, because I don’t really take this thing that seriously.

I think the Democrats actually have a problem with a lack of message. And to profess now to be concerned about gas prices after they’ve derided the Trump tax cut as crumbs and all the rest of it, I mean, I think actually the solution is not to replace the Russia investigation with gas prices.

The solution is to figure out that Trump connected with millions and millions of people who switched on the TV and found neither the Republican nor Democrat establishments in the least bit concerned about them. And that’s the difference. That’s what made the difference.

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