Joy Reid Refuses to Use Word ‘Spygate,’ Read Trump Tweets — ‘Reading the Tweets Is What He Wants Us to Do’

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid opened her show with a pledge not to use the word “Spygate,” which she argued would be playing right into President Donald Trump’s hands.

Reid accused the president of orchestrating a reality TV show, which she was just an effort to distract from the “mounting evidence” that Trump obstructed justice.

“[A]s we pass the one-year mark on counsel Robert Mueller probe, we’re seeing Trump peddle another fake scandal to distract from the real potential crisis dogging his presidency — the mounting evidence that the Trump campaign cooperated with Russia’s attack on our democracy and that the president of the United States obstructed justice in an attempt to cover it up. That very simply is ‘Russia-gate.’ The fake scandal that Trump scripted in the media for us this week has a name — one that we are not going to repeat this morning. And it has tweets to go with it, which I am not going to read because reading the tweets is what he wants us to do. The focus of this reality show is a revival of the lie the FBI under President Obama spied on Trump’s campaign in 2016. It’s the latest effort in Trump’s ongoing crusade to discredit the Mueller investigation and to make you doubt it — the crusade that’s fuelling the Trump train and forcing the rest of us to ponder.”

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