GOP Rep Brady: ‘I Think’ Kevin McCarthy Will Be the Next House Speaker

Friday on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-CA) predicted House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) would fill the role of Speaker of the House, which is soon to be vacated by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Partial transcript as follows:

HEWITT: Last question. I am talking with Leader McCarthy on my MSNBC show tomorrow, Chairman Brady. 1) are you supporting him for Speaker when Paul Ryan retires?

BRADY: You know, I am. I think Kevin has, McCarthy, has done a terrific job throughout this country and throughout our caucus, and he deserves a chance to move into that position. And what I appreciate among our leadership right now is no one is distracted by this potential Speaker’s race in November. We’re all focused on delivering for the American people. That’s the right thing to do.

HEWITT: And so what kind of stylistic difference, if any, do you expect between a Speaker Ryan and a Speaker McCarthy?

BRADY: You know, I think their styles are different, but I think the agenda that they are working toward today is identical. Look, we created this Better Way agenda for America to create a confident America. We’re delivering on that agenda, and we’ve got more work to do. I know Kevin McCarthy is helping us, whether it’s tax reform or here in welfare reform, helping us deliver on that agenda. And so that’s what I really look forward to.

HEWITT: Last question. Any doubt in your mind if the Republicans hold the House, Kevin McCarthy will be the Speaker?

BRADY: I think he will.

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