Bill Clinton: Press Went Easy on Obama — ‘They Liked Having the First African-American President’

On this week’s broadcast of CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” former President Bill Clinton said the political press went easy on former President Barack Obama because “they liked having the first African-American president.”

Mo Rocca asked, “You hear from Trump supporters who say, ‘You know, the press slobbered all over President Obama, he could do no wrong. And now this guy can do no right. What gives, that there’s a kind of whiplash?'”

Clinton said, “Well, they did treat him differently than other Democrats and Republicans. That was the political press.”

Went asked why, Clinton said, “You know, I don’t know. They liked him, and they liked having the first African-American president. And he was a good president, I think. I don’t agree with President Trump’s assessment of his service.”

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