Giuliani Warns Mueller Not to Pull ‘a Comey’ and ‘Interfere’ with Midterm Elections

On Sunday’s broadcast of New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” hosted by John Catsimatidis, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is now serving as legal representation for President Donald Trump, warned Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller to not interfere in this year upcoming midterm elections.

Giuliani criticized the investigation, saying what initiated the probe only came about because of a “group of angry Democrats.”

“It should’ve resulted in no investigation,” Giuliani said. “I have known for some time that rank-and-file FBI agents are extremely embarrassed about the conduct of Jim Comey. I think the report of Horowitz, the IG, will confirm that Comey acted improperly with regard to the Hillary Clinton investigation, as well as the Trump investigation. And I know from a lot of the agents in the New York office, not from them directly, but from retired agents, that they really believe [Comey] was the worst director in the history of the FBI — certainly the most dishonest. So, to try to premise a case on this by Mueller is really unfair. It only comes about because of a group of angry Democrats that are a part of this investigation.”

The former New York City mayor questioned the duration of Mueller’s probe and set September 1 as a deadline given November’s midterm elections.

“Just how long [Mueller] think he can have this job?” he said. “I mean, it’s supposed to be a temporary one. He should get it done by September 1, and I say that because elections are coming up. He shouldn’t do a Comey and try to interfere with the elections.”

“Whatever he’s got, he should put up or shut up,” he continued. “We’re very prepared to rebut it all. We’re also prepared to show how this is not a fair and impartial investigation. The people conducting it aren’t capable of that.”

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