Dem Sen Warren: Unnamed Trump SCOTUS Nominee’Will Criminalize Abortion and Try to Punish Women’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy would be someone who “will criminalize abortion and try to punish women.”

Warren said, “Let’s talk about what we know for sure is at stake and some of the questions that the nominee is going to face. Donald Trump has already said that he’s going to pick somebody who has been prescreened off a list that that was put together by a group whose number one job—an extremist group—is to make sure that Roe versus Wade gets overturned.”

She added, “This means that he’s looking for a nominee who will criminalize abortion and try to punish women. That’s what’s at stake in this one. And then from there, so much more. This is about health care cases that are percolating up through the courts, including the one we know about right now about pre-existing conditions. This is about the swing vote in our environmental protections, whether or not giant corporations are going to have the right to poison the water and foul the air. This is about workers’ rights and whether or not the Supreme Court is going to stay on the path of trying to bust unions. This is about voting rights, whether or not democracy fundamentally works in this country. This is one of those moments where Justice Kennedy has been the swing vote. Look, I’ll be blunt, he swung a lot of times in a direction I don’t like, but he’s been a swing vote. He was the one who helped stand up for equal marriage. All of that is now at risk—whether he, Donald Trump, gets to replace the swing vote with somebody off a pre-approved extremist list.”

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