Michael Bennett Says He Is Willing to Visit White House ‘If Trump Is Really Wanting to Listen’

During an interview with “Democracy Now!,” activist and Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Michael Bennett discussed his upcoming book, “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable,” the NFL protests and social injustices.

Host Amy Goodman noted how Bennett’s new team was disinvited from visiting the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory due to the National Anthem controversy and asked the former champion with the Seattle Seahawks if he would go to the White House if the team repeated as champions.

“It’s all about dialogue,” Bennett replied. “I think the conversation is: How do we have dialogue about things that are really happening? And if Trump is really wanting to listen to find out why we’re taking a knee, that would be something that I’d be down to do, because it’s like you don’t want to be able to always, you know, make an issue and not be able to have that conversation.”

He continued, “I want to be able to be like, ‘Hey, this is what’s happening. If you’re willing to listen and help us make a change, let’s go about it.’ But if it’s not, just a photo, picture, then, no. But if it’s an opportunity to change the way that America is, or change my communities, I’m always going to take those opportunities to express my needs and express the passion of other people. So, if the opportunity is a real one, I don’t mind taking the opportunity to do that.”

Bennett said he knows people would question him for his comments, but said if the president is open to make changes, he would be willing to meet with him.

“[A]t the end of the day, it’s not so much about the perception of what people feel. It’s really about: Are we really going to make a change? Are you really willing to change the educational system? Are you willing to do more work on police reform? Are you willing to do something on bail reform? And how can you help us do that? If you can’t help us, then I guess we’ll move on,” said Bennett.

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