Michael Bennett

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Eagles’ Bennett in Court Over Assault Claim

Los Angeles (AFP) – Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett appeared in court in Texas on Monday to face charges stemming from an alleged confrontation with a paraplegic stadium employee at last year’s Super Bowl.

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Michael Bennett Is No Dred Scott, and Jerry Jones Is No Justice Taney

The man who accused the Las Vegas Police Department of racism without evidence and still has yet to be challenged on that fact by any member of the mainstream sports media, has more things to say. Mainly, that he has no plans to stop his protests and that attempts to force players to respect the anthem, are akin to slavery.

AP Elaine Thompson

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett Raises Fist After Sack

Apparently, Michael Bennett is protesting sacks now as well. The Seahawks are playing the 49ers on Sunday, a rivalry that always brings out passion, excitement, and statements of questionable intelligence. Michael Bennett has now added his own chapter to this storied tradition.

Bennett Ready

Seahawks’ Michael Bennett: I’m Going to Sue Vegas Police Over Gun Incident

Michael Bennett and his lawyer sat down for an interview with ABC News recently, and two things became very clear after that appearance. First, Michael Bennett and his lawyer are not going to backtrack on the claim that Bennett was racially profiled, and second, Bennett plans on suing the Las Vegas Police Department.

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NFL Declines LVPD Union Request to Investigate Michael Bennett

The union representing the Las Vegas Police Department, wrote the NFL a letter on Thursday afternoon, requesting that the league investigate Seahawks’ defensive end Michael Bennett for making, “false and offensive” claims about their officers. Specifically, Bennett’s claim that the officers detained him because he was, “a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”