Maxine Waters: ‘The People’ Want Dems to Be ‘Forceful,’ ‘Confrontational’ Against the Trump Administration

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the protest over the weekend about President Donald Trump’s immigration policies prove “the people” wanted Democrats to be “more forceful” and “more confrontational” with regards to their opposition.

Waters said, “Well, let me just tell you this, first of all, the people of this country, no matter Republican or Democrat, do not like the idea that children have been separated. Republicans are making a mistake thinking they can hold on to that constituency, that so-called belongs to Donald Trump. On this issue, Republicans and Democrats, Independents alike are opposed to what is going on. And yes, people do want to see us being stronger and more forceful and to confront them on these policies.”

She continued, “And I’m hopeful that even Democrats having seen the kind of outpouring of protests over 700 incidences of protests this weekend, seeing that they will be more forceful, more confrontational and more prepared to push back on this administration. I think that the people are showing them, this-this is what they would have us do.”

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