Maxine Waters: If Dems Take Back the House — ‘Look Out’ Trump, ‘You’re in Trouble’

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump was “in trouble” if the Democrats take back the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections.

Waters said, “This president is wreaking havoc on this country. And so while there is some improvement in the economy, we have all of this other mess that we have to take a look at and what is, you know, in the forefront of what is being talked about in the media. And so let him try it. Let him go out there. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that that’s going to be so powerful that people can overlook how he’s dividing this country, how he is upsetting our democracy, how he is aligned with Putin, how he is in bed with the Kremlin.”

She continued, “You know, he can talk about the economy, and people are appreciative when they are benefiting from the economy, but when you are as messy as this president, all of these liars—Giuliani and junior and the president himself—I want to tell you, the American people are getting fed up with this president and his leadership. So I don’t think he can get away with just talking about GDP or anything like that. I think he is going to have to answer some real questions about the fact that he lied, that he knew that the meeting was going to take place.”

She added, “Democrats are working very hard. We have a lot of enthusiasm. We have good candidates. We have raised an awful lot of money, and I think we’re in a good position not only to take back the House, but I believe even possibly the Senate. Of course, if we do that, look out, president. You’re in trouble.”

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