Cornel West: ‘Gangster’ Trump ‘Chooses to Be Demonic’

Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Harvard professor and political activist Cornel West said President Donald Trump “chooses to be demonic.”

West said, “The important thing is he’s at a moment in these last days where it looks like brother Donald Trump, gangster, racist, misogynist—he’s a brother because he’s made in the image of God, he’s a brother because he could change. He’s not a devil.  He’s a human being who chooses devilish action. He’s a human being who chooses to be demonic. He is reaching the end. He is meeting his match with brother Mueller. When Mueller lays bare and discloses the facts, Donald Trump will not just be shaking in his boots, but we’ll be saying goodbye.”

He added, “But he expresses something deep in the American culture. It’s very important to keep in mind from a people who have been on intimate terms with catastrophe and keep track of gangsters. He is not all by himself. He is not isolated. He reflects something in the culture. He has followers. So even after Donald Trump we have to come to terms with what’s produced him, corporate elites still running amuck, Wall Street still breaking records, stock market breaking records, wealth inequality still increasing, racial divide still deep, the homophobia and the patriarchy still running amuck. So it’s not just getting Donald Trump out of the way, but he’s on his way out seems to me.”

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