Graham: I’m ‘Very Suspicious’ of Swetnick Allegations

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Senate Judiciary Committee member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) expressed strong suspicion about the allegations made by Julie Swetnick against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Graham said, “I am very suspicious of this coming out two days before the confirmation vote. I’m very suspicious of Michael Avenatti. I’ve been a prosecutor, a judge, a defense attorney. Here’s what I think, if you’re a serial rapist, you’re in high school, you don’t stop, that he’s not Bill Cosby. He’s led an incredible life. … If you went to a party once where people are being drugged and gang raped, you wouldn’t go to the next nine, that you would tell somebody, that you have an obligation, if you see people being abused to come forward say something about it, if not for yourself, for them. So, I’m very suspicious of this. He says he doesn’t know the lady. He says he never hung out with the lady. The more we know about the difference in age and time, it smells bad to me. I’ve been very suspicious.”

Graham further invited Swetnick to appear before the Judiciary Committee and be interviewed by staff, and stated the proceedings on Kavanaugh shouldn’t be delayed.

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