Christine Blasey Ford: ’I Can’t Give the Exact Date’

Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, in her role as outside counsel at Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, asked Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford to explain the different time frames she has given for her alleged attack.

“In your July 6 text to the Washington Post that you looked at earlier, you said that this happened in the mid-80s,” Mitchell said in the second of her five minute questioning sessions with Ford, yeilded from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-IA).

“In your letter to Sen. Feinstein, you said it occurred in the early 80s. In your polygraph statement you said it was ‘high school summer in 80s’ and you actually had written in … ‘early’ and then you cross that out,” Mitchell continued. “Later, in your interview with the Washington Post, you were more specific. You believed it occurred in the summer of 1982 and you said ‘the end of your sophomore year.'”

“How were you able to narrow down the time frame?” Mitchell posed.

“I can’t give the exact date and I would like to be more helpful about the date,” Ford responded.

Then, echoing repeated statements by the committee’s Democrats about the absence of alleged accomplice Mark Judge, Ford added, “If I knew when Mark Judge worked at the Potomac Safeway, then I would be able to be more helpful in that way. So I’m just using memories of when I got my driver’s license.”

The exact time of the party where Ford claims Kavanaugh and Judge forced her into a room and Kavanaugh groped her and put a hand over her mouth has been one of the lacking details from Ford’s account. She has never definitely named a month and year in which the attack allegedly took place, but the most recent accounts focus on the summer of 1982, when Ford was 15 and Kavanaugh 17.


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