April Ryan on Trump’s Horseface Tweet: ‘It’s Disgusting,’ ‘This Is Street, It’s Gutter’

Tuesday on CNN’s “Wolf,” American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan said President Donald Trump’s tweet that called porn star Stormy Daniels a “horseface” was “disgusting.”

Ryan said, “Let me just put it on the table. It’s disgusting as a woman, but as a journalist, it’s newsy. Looking at the news from this tweet, because the White House considers it official. This is the standard bearer for the American public. This is the leader of the free world and he is chastising a woman. He won, and now he’s going after her, calling her a name. What does that do to the women who are still upset after the Kavanaugh confirmation? What does that do to the polls in November? What does that do to his base, these white married women who voted for him at a tune of 51%? And also the white women who voted for him overall at a tune of 53%? What does that do in a moment when women are still hurting and for the president of the United States to say this about another woman? When he called Omarosa a dog, that was wrong. When he talked about Ted Cruz’s wife’s looks, that was wrong.”

She continued, “This is street. It’s gutter.”

She added, “He does not understand the unique perch he’s sitting in. He does not understand this position. This is not a joke. there are some who like this gutter tactic but you are the president of the United States.”

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