Julian Castro: Caravan ‘Proof Positive’ Trump ‘Has Been a Total Failure’ on Immigration

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former HUD Secretary and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro argued that the migrant caravan “is proof positive that Donald Trump has been a total failure when it comes to immigration.” He explained that the family separation policy was supposed to deter people from coming, and it hasn’t.

Castro said, “[I]t is completely believable that he’s trying to pull out all the stops, telling lie after lie after lie about who’s in the caravan, about his supposed middle-class tax cut that is not going to happen, about any number of things, and this basically amounts to fearmongering with regard to the issue of immigration.”

He added, “[T]his is proof positive that Donald Trump has been a total failure when it comes to immigration. He promised us, he went out there and said basically that if we abused families by taking away the little children from their parents, that that was going to deter more families from coming to the country, and that wasn’t true. So even if you’re out there, and you’re a Republican, or you’re an independent, and you have concerns about immigration, and you believed — you were willing to believe that maybe separating children from their families may have been okay or the right thing to do, he said he was going to do that because he was going to deter folks from coming, and in fact, it didn’t work at all.”

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