Brian Fallon: ‘White Supremacist Identity’ Is the ‘Fundamental Core’ of Trumpism

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign Brian Fallon said President Donald Trump appeals to a “white supremacist identity.”

Fallon said, “Well, this president is trying to manufacture an October surprise, in campaigns we are talking about the October surprises because there is always some kind of unexpected development that shifts the political landscape, in this case, the president is trying to manufacture a bit of a racist October surprise. He views the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh a major inconvenience, because it was disrupting the attention he was trying to bring the attention to caravan south of the border. So after the shooting you saw him double down and triple down and quadruple down on the story to bring further attention it to, talking about deploying the troops to the border, and then to fire on the migrants if they ultimately arrive there. It is a very scurrilous strategy.”

He continued, “I think the fact that he is talk about this and choosing to not the tax cut bill, and the job numbers and what it reveals finally is that after 2016 — that was a campaign I lived through and all of us did — there was a lot of discussion of what is Trumpism? Was his success in the upper Midwest all about an appeal to economic anxiety that the voters were feeling or something worse and something more crude? So now it is exposed out in the open. These are the types of the appeals to the sort of white supremacist identity is the fundamental core of the Trumpism, because he could be talking about the economic issues, and he is not. So I think that tells us something.”

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