Gillum Touts Fighting Corruption, Supporting FBI as Mayor in Ad Despite Cloud of Investigation Over City

In a 15-second advertisement that is airing in the Orlando media market, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum, also the current mayor of the city of Tallahassee, touts his efforts to fight corruption within his city.

The ad, which is apparently not airing in the Tallahassee media market, shows Gillum highlighting efforts to support the FBI in its endeavor to root out “corrupt politicians and lobbyists” as mayor.

“I’m Andrew Gillum, and I want you to hear this from me,” he said. “As mayor of Tallahassee, I fought corruption and supported the FBI’s work to root out corrupt politicians and lobbyists. As governor, I’ll fight special interests for the people of Florida.”

The spot may come off as incredible to some given Gillum and his city have been under the scrutiny of the FBI. It has also been documented Gillum and his family members were the beneficiaries of gifts from FBI agents posing as lobbyists.

The ad closes by touting Gillum’s list of endorsements from the Orlando Sentinel, the Tampa Bay Times and The Palm Beach Post.

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