Dem Sen. Warner: Trump Does Not Understand ‘That Words Matter’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) accused President Donald Trump of not understanding that his words matter.

Warner said, “My pitch is this election people need to get out and vote. If they are concerned about what’s going on in Washington, if they’re concerned about a president that doesn’t act very presidential when you see moments of crisis over the last few weeks, they need to have their votes counted. And frankly, even folks who may agree that the economy is going pretty good, I think many, many people realize we need a check on this president.”

He continued, “We’ve seen evidence of that in the last three weeks when this president was not able to bring the country together after the shootings or the bombing attempts. We saw it when the president, you know, kind of randomly said that he could override the Constitution with the stroke of a pen. People know that we have rule of law in this country. And in the last couple days where he said that he’s going to take 15,000 of our military troops, take them out of Iraq and Afghanistan, no plan, move them to the border, and then allow those troops to fire on kids who might be throwing stones. That’s pretty remarkable. I think this president, just one last point, John, I don’t think he understands that words matter. In the last 48 hours, in Nigeria troops shot on students throwing rocks, and they turned to President Trump’s words as vindication.”

He added, “I think one thing people realize is that we’re in a sense riding a sugar high from a $2 trillion tax cut that was unpaid for. Now, the economy is doing pretty well right now. I grant that. I think the hangover is going to be pretty bad as we go into next year, but we can debate that later. What I think people are concerned about is they’re concerned about this president that frankly, even if you agree that the economy is going well, that we need to have some level of check on him. The founders set up a system of checks and balances. We have a president in Donald Trump that is totally unchecked at this point, and rule of law and frankly America’s standing in the world is being undermined.”

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