ABC’s Hostin: ‘I Feel Complete Disgust When I Hear’ Trump Speak

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin said She felt “disgust” listening to President Donald Trump speak.

Discussing Trump’s current battles with the White House press corps, Hostin said, “He has a problem with anyone that will challenge him much like many dictators have that problem. He doesn’t want you to believe your eyes. That’s what the problem is. And for this president to call anyone unprofessional is really rich, really rich.”

She continued, “But what is striking to me is that I feel complete disgust when I hear him speak because of the way he comports himself. I mean, what happened to elegance and class in the White House? I mean, it left, right, when Obama left. I’m just truly disgusted by him.”

She added, “We need to point out the fact that he does this, yes, he’s doing it to Jim Acosta, but he seems to be disproportionately attacking women over and over and over again.”

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