Heilemann: A Lot of People ‘Think It Would Be Best for the Country’ for Trump to Not Be President


Friday in response to Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis announcing his resignation, MSNBC analyst John Heilemann suggested on “Morning Joe” that a lot of people “think it would be best for the country” if President Donald Trump were not to finish out his term.

“[Y]ou have this resignation, historic in the way that Joe suggested, that I think for a lot of Republicans in the Senate who looked at Mattis as the guardrail, as the — I hate the phrase adult in the room, I’m not going the use it because I think it kind of diminishes others who by not calling them adults, it makes them seem as though they shouldn’t be responsible for their actions. But certainly, a mature guiding force, someone who a lot of people put a lot of faith in,” Heilemann stated. “There’s a lot of Republicans now who are scared at what they’re seeing. And I think the phrase you used at the top, Mika, when you said unraveling, I think that is a sense that a lot of people have right now about the presidency and even people who would like to see who think it would be best for the country if Donald Trump not be president, not reach the end of his term.”

He continued, “I think people are now going to start to get to grips with the notion that the unraveling of the presidency is a really ugly thing. It’s a dangerous and destabilizing thing on the global stage and other places. We are starting to see it, I think, right now and people are going to have to brace themselves because this is just the start of the destabilization and the ugliness.”

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