Molly Ball: Trump Is Tweeting Pictures of ‘Venetian Blinds Looking Things’ Instead of a Wall

Monday on CNN’s “Right Now,” network political analyst Molly Ball said instead of insisting an actual wall be built on the U.S.-Mexico border President Donald Trump was “tweeting a picture of Venetian blinds looking things.”

Ball said, “We have seen with the Trump base a large willingness to go along with Trump wherever he may lead. When you talk to Trump supporters in the campaign, a lot of them didn’t support a literal wall, didn’t think there would be a literal wall, but they saw it as a metaphor and his willingness to see it as refreshing and his willingness to stake out that position in a negotiation. They liked that. So if you were to find a compromise to make some kind of deal, the real problem here is that he is not able to make a deal.”

She added, “I think that’s what his supporters really want from the Donald Trump they voted for. The famous deal-making ability. Where is it? We haven’t really seen it over the course of his presidency. We are not seeing it now. There is no negotiation going on. There’s just a president tweeting contradictory things all the time. One day tweeting a picture of these sort of Venetian blinds looking things and then the next day saying ‘No, no, it’s still a wall.’ It’s hard to deal with, and this is why you also have a Senate majority leader also saying we are not going to do anything until we know where he stands because they know that they can’t necessarily trust that that he will keep a position that he takes from one day to the next.”

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