GOP Rep. Kinzinger: ‘Shutdowns Are Stupid’ — ‘Dumbest Way to Do Government in the World’

Thursday on CNN, Rep. Adam Kinzinger blasted the idea of government shutdowns, calling it “the dumbest way to do government.”

Kinzinger called shutdowns “stupid,” adding people like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) need to get away from their “absolutely no wall position” so a deal can be made.

“I think shutdowns are stupid,” Kinzinger told “New Day” host John Berman. “I think it’s the dumbest way to do government in the world. And people laugh at us when we can’t get our act together, and we use shutdown as a way for leverage. This goes to both sides, by the way. This isn’t an attack on the president or just the Democrats. I voted for this because I said I want to build a border wall. I support it, I voted for the money.”

He added, “We start using these stupid shutdown leverage points to try to get our way because we can’t give the other side any kind of a win.“

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