Meghan McCain Takes on ‘The View’ over GOP Racism Claims, Support for Border Wall

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel had a heated exchange as Meghan McCain defended Republicans from being called racist given they support a border wall during a discussion about Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) racist statements.

Sunny Hostin said, “I’ll speak just for myself; often times in the black community, I think the Republican Party has had a lot of difficulty getting the black vote, getting the minority vote, in large part because there is this feeling like, there’s a lot of racism in the Republican Party.”

On Steve King, McCain interjected, “I condemn him. He should step down. He’s a racist. He’s bad for the party. It’s not hard. That’s how this is done. This seems to be very complicated for some people. There’s no place for him anywhere in politics.”

She continued, “More people should come out. He should step down. I don’t have patience for this. I don’t think anybody has tolerance for this.”

Hostin said, “Republicans now I think I could make such a significant statement by forcing him to resign. But will Republicans now step up to the plate with Donald Trump? Because he’s been using, I think, the border wall as sort of this dog whistle for racism.  The government is still shut down and I think it’s all about, ‘let’s not let all these brown people in.’ Right, unless they’re working for farmers, working in agriculture. Will the Republican party stand up to him?’

Abby Huntsman asked, “Forty-two percent of the country support the wall, are they all racist?”

Hostin said, “That’s a good question.”

Huntsman said, “I’m asking you that. I don’t think so. I think a lot of people believe in security.”

Hostin asked, “Is Donald Trump racist?”

Joy Behar said, “Duh.”

Huntsman said, “I’m just saying, if you’re going to paint a broad stroke about a wall and that being racist, a lot of people support the wall being built.”

Things got heated when McCain said, “A lot of people support the wall. I think this is the problem with identity politics in the country. When you broad-stroke everyone, all black people think one thing, all Hispanic people think one thing, all Republicans think one thing. That’s how we got ourselves into this mess. I’m one of the people that would like to help pull ourselves out of it.”

McCain asked Hostin, “Do you think 42 percent of the country is racist?

Hostin said, “I don’t know.”

McCain shot back, “You did just call 42 percent of the country, there was an implication that they could be racist. That is something that when you’re talking about Republicans in general, is obviously going to make Abby and I uncomfortable.”

Whoopi Goldberg interjected, “OK. Stop, stop, stop, stop, I can’t follow anything that is happening when everyone is talking at the same time.”

Behar said, “All I’m saying is check the platform, not the person.”

McCain banged the table and yelled, “I am John McCain’s daughter. I am not someone who sits here and is OK with racism.”

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