Brokaw: Nixon’s Last Year ‘Extraordinarily Well Run’ Compared to Now — ‘Troubling’

Former NBC “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw voiced his displeasure Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with how the government is operating amid the partial government shutdown, calling it “embarrassing” and “troubling.”

According to Brokaw, disgraced former President Richard Nixon’s final year in office was “extraordinarily well run and organized” compared to how things are running at this time.

Brokaw joked that the blood moon from Sunday night was red because it was “embarrassed” by what is going on in America.

“I’ve been looking into the last year of Richard Nixon. That was extraordinarily well run and organized compared to what’s going on now,” he argued. “I mean, he was under siege, obviously. … Israel almost went down because it was invaded by Egypt. Nixon saved Israel during that time. If something like that happened now, I can’t imagine the chaos that would exist in the national security offices and in the White House about how we would respond to that kind of an international crisis. So, it’s a very troubling time.”

But Brokaw would not put the blame on just one side.

“I think the Democrats are as much to blame right now as the Republicans are,” he said. They’ve got control of the House but they’re mostly like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re not going to do what you want to do.’ I haven’t seen a grand plan. You have got the young members running through the halls, conducting pep rallies every day instead of getting together with the more moderate people or the people from the midwest who have won in Ohio and Wisconsin and Minnesota where they need to win again if they’re going to get the control, but they’re being driven hard by the left. So much it’s a time of great chaos, I think.”

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