Dean: Trump’s ‘Irrelevant in the Construction of American Foreign Policy’

Wednesday, former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) argued on CNN’s “New Day” that President Donald Trump is “irrelevant in the construction of American foreign policy because of how he handles ISIS, North Korea and Russia.

“[M]ost people don’t believe Donald Trump and they know he says things that aren’t true 10 times a day, literally,” Dean stated.

He continued, “So, the problem with Trump’s presidency from an inside the beltway perspective, which is not how I usually think, is that the intelligence operations in the United States are mostly nonpartisan. It is true that there have been some people who’ve been in various positions that have done things that are outside the realm of what we normally do — coups and things like that. … And people just don’t believe Trump. Trump is, other than the fact Trump that he has his finger on the button and can order people to do things, he is irrelevant in the construction of American foreign policy.”

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