Ocasio-Cortez: House Oversight Committee Should Be Talking About Trump’s Finances

While speaking to reporters on Monday, House Oversight Committee member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stated that while President Trump talks about collusion, the Oversight Committee should talk about Trump’s taxes, bank account, and financial statements.

Ocasio-Cortez said, “[Y]ou hear the president say, ‘no collusion,’ ‘no collusion,’ ‘no collusion,’ right? He’s always talking about the focus on the relationship between his campaign and Russia, which is — the scope of that investigation is under the House Intelligence Committee, as well as several other investigatory bodies. So, while he’s talking collusion, collusion, collusion, I think, in Oversight, we should be talking about taxes, taxes, taxes, and his bank account, his bank account, his bank account, his financial statements, statements, statements. Because that’s where I think actually some of the most troubling practices are, with direct relevance to the American people under the scope of Oversight.”

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