Sarah Sanders: Trump ‘Doesn’t Have Any Intention to Release Taxes’ While Under Audit

In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed calls from Congress for President Donald Trump’s taxes.

Sanders said that as long as Trump was under audit, he would not be releasing the returns and said he didn’t anticipate that change “at any point any time soon.”

“As the president said yesterday while his taxes continue to be under audit, he doesn’t anticipate that changing at any point any time soon,” she said. “And therefore, he doesn’t have any intention to release those returns. But let’s not forget, Brian — the president filled out hundreds of pages in a financial disclosure. You can see a broad range of the president’s business investments, all of the different financial interests through that very extensive and exhaustive financial disclosure form that you have to fill out in order to work in the government, in order to run for president. And he has done that. It gives you a very good picture of just how successful he was as a businessman. And I think it should answer all the questions anybody might have about his financial dealings

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