FNC’s Napolitano on Dems Pursuing Obstruction: ‘May Very Well Explode in Their Faces’

With Democrats eyeing obstruction of justice against President Donald Trump in the wake of FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s report concluding no collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential election, senior Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano offered up some advice.

Napolitano said the “serious legal jeopardy” for Trump is “gone” and warned that pursuing obstruction of justice could “explode in their faces.”

“[W]hat the Democrats want to do, this may very well explode in their faces politically, Stuart, is second-guess Bill Barr and Bob Mueller,” Napolitano told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney. “Now, Barr told us that there were 10 instances of alleged obstruction of justice. Whatever the bottom line is, they decided there’s not enough to prove the case. The Democrats are going to take those 10 instances and parade some lawyers out there, ex-prosecutors who’ll say there is enough to prove the case. Which is why I said this just turns the page. The serious legal jeopardy for the president is gone. The political jeopardy, he knows how to deal with.”

He added, “To the Democrats and the Trump haters, it’s fuel for them to continue digging more deeply into this. I think they’re making a mistake doing it, but I predict they’re going to do it because that’s what they think their base wants.”

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