Graham: Democrats Using the Rule of Law ‘to Get an Outcome’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sounded off on the day’s proceeding before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which included testimony from Attorney General William Barr about the probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Graham told host Sean Hannity that Mueller had an ample opportunity to conduct his investigation and added that Democrats were upset because the outcome was one they didn’t want.

“To all my friends on the other side: We gave Mueller two years to do his job,” Graham said. “He had 19 lawyers. He had $25 million. He interviewed 500 people. He issues 2,000 subpoenas. He had plenty of opportunity without interference. The president gave him a million-and-a-half documents. Everybody around the president and the president’s campaign testified voluntarily.”

“And here’s what we know: There’s no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians, at all,” he continued. “Mueller could not decide – chose not to press forward on obstruction. I always thought the obstruction argument was absurd. It is over. And the reason they’re mad at Barr and me is because they didn’t get the outcome they want. My friends on the other side want an outcome, and they don’t care how they get it.”

The South Carolina Republican noted the lack of effort from Democrats to investigate potential wrongdoing by the FBI for its handling of investigations Hillary Clinton and Trump.

“Here’s what I do know: Nobody cares on the other side what the FBI did or didn’t do when it comes to Clinton,” Graham said. “They don’t care what they did or didn’t do when it comes to Trump. They’re trying to destroy his presidency. From their point of view, the rule of law is a tool to get an outcome. From my point of view, the rule of law protects us all, including President Trump, including Republicans.”

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