Dem Rep. Cicilline: Trump ‘Wants a Fight’ Over Mueller Testimony to Distract from Work Democrats Have Done

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) stated that President Trump wants to have a feud over whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress because “he wants to distract from” the work Democrats have done.

Cicilline said, “I think something more pernicious is going on here. The president wants a fight about this stuff. Because frankly, he wants to distract from the work that the Democrats have gotten in the first 100 days. We ran on an agenda for the people to drive down healthcare costs, raise family incomes, take on the corruption in Washington. We’ve passed legislation, the most dramatic ethics reform since Watergate. We’ve passed out of committee, we’ll bring to the floor, legislation to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, infrastructure bills are in the making. We’ve reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act and equal pay for equal work.”

He added, “I think what the president’s trying to do is distract away from the attention of the work that Democrats have been doing to address the economic anxieties of the American people and to deliver on lower healthcare costs, bigger paychecks, and honesty in government. So, he wants to distract with a big fight about whether the special counsel should come or not.”

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