Meghan McCain: Trump Is ‘Putting People in the Military in Horrific Situations’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain addressed reports that White House officials and Navy officials wanted the USS John S. McCain out of sight during President Donald Trump’s visit to Japan.

McCain said, “Thank you for letting us do this topic first to get this out of the way. I had journalists emailing me all memorial day about this, giving me a heads up this was happening, so the idea that people didn’t know is ridiculous, they are journalists I trust. The president’s actions have consequences. When you’re repeatedly attacking my father and war heroes, it creates a culture in the military where people are fearful to show my father’s name in one way or another. That’s what started this chain of events and actions.”

She continued, “If you’re afraid to have a hat or show the name of the warship which is named after my grandfather and great grandfather who were the very first four-star admirals in the Navy and were integral in ending World War II and the Vietnam war. You’re putting people in the military in horrific situations. If you’re a sailor on this ship, you think there’s going to be retribution. I think it’s horrible. It’s bad for Americans. We have to look at the kind of culture that is being put in place. I don’t blame the people in the military. I have nothing but respect for people that serve.”

She added, “Putting a note on this: there’s a lot of criticism of media of how often I speak of my father. it’s impossible to go through the grief process when my father who has been dead for ten months is constantly in the news cycle because the president is so obsessed with the fact that he’s never going to be a great man like he was.”

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