Bill Maher Decries Politicians Returning Harvey Weinstein’s Donations — ‘His Money Didn’t Rape Anybody’

Friday on his HBO program, comedian Bill Maher cautioned Democrats against purity testing, particularly as it pertained to accepting campaign contributions.

Maher said such stances threaten Democrats’ electoral chances in 2020, and he even went as far as questioning the returning of campaign donations from embattled Hollywood filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, who allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct over the years.

“[T]here’s too much purity testing, I think, in the Democratic Party,” Maher said. “I think now they’re going to get in trouble with PACs because they’re talking about not taking money from technology companies. You know, oil companies – you can’t have their money. Can’t have Wall Street money. Meanwhile, the Republicans take everybody’s money. Steve Wynn – he got ‘me too’d.’ ‘We’re keeping the money.’ Harvey Weinstein, they give the money back. Why? His money didn’t rape anybody.”

“The DNC took in $19 million so far this year,” he added. “The RNC — $61 [million]. Trump has raised $30 million in the first quarter, way more than any of the Democrats, OK? This is another way they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot. You take people’s money, and then you fuck them when you get into office. That’s how politics works.”

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