George Will on the GOP: ‘The Conservative Party Became Fixated on What I’d Call ‘Crybaby Conservativism”

Friday on HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher posed a question to Washington Post columnist George Will as to why some ideas dominating the modern Republican Party were what he perceived to be “dangerous.”

Maher called the GOP anti-science and anti-intellectual.

According to Will, it stemmed from a pushback against the elites, which he said was fixated on what he called “crybaby conservatism.”

“Because the conservative party became fixated on what I’d call ‘crybaby conservativism,’ the victim analogy that they learned partly from the left,” Will said. “We’re victims of media, Hollywood, academia, etc. When you become fixated on that, then you decide elites are bad, and once you decide that all elites are bad, you decide that mediocrity might be a good thing. The question in society is never whether elites shall rule. It’s which elites are going to rule. And the problem of democracy is to get consent to worthy elites.”

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