Graham on Trump’s Remarks on Foreign Assistance: ‘Talking to People Is Not a Crime’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) offered his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s comments to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos acknowledging that if so-called dirt were provided to him from a foreign entity on a political opponent, he would take it under consideration before alerting the FBI.

The statement drew criticisms from Trump’s political opponents.

Graham noted that Democrats were not clean on the issue.

“Here’s the deal: We do know that the Democratic Party hired a British agent to get dirt on Trump and this British agent I think used foreign intelligence services to come up with a bunch of garbage,” he said. “I think the Russians were out to hurt everybody, including Trump. Who do you think this dossier came from? Do you think Steele made it up? I think he got it from the Russians. I think it was all a bunch of BS and it was used to get a warrant, and I would like for one Democrat to be outraged about that.”

The South Carolina Republican explained he had had his own encounters with “foreign people.”

“I get talked to all the time,” he said. “People encourage me — ‘We hope you win.'”
He added it was illegal to take foreign money, but said Trump’s statement wasn’t a claim of a willingness to break the law.

“Sitting down and talking with somebody is OK,” Graham added. “People contact me all the time. President Trump is right. Talking to people is not a crime.”

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