Gillibrand: Planned ICE Raids ‘Absolutely Unconscionable’

During an interview broadcast on Saturday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Up,” 2020 presidential candidate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) stated that President Trump’s planned ICE raids are “absolutely unconscionable.”

Gillibrand said, “It’s absolutely unconscionable. Well, first of all, we don’t know who the target of these raids are going to be. We don’t know if these are DACA kids, DREAMers who came here through no fault of their own, with their parents, who are now serving in our military or going to college or working in our communities. He is indiscriminate. He also doesn’t want to protect the men and women in our military who might have a family member who’s undocumented. There’s always been a view that you will not disturb the family of a service member because they’re fighting for our country, and they’re sacrificing everything. But not under President Trump. So, I’m very concerned about who he’s going to round up, who he’s going to send away, and what basis he has.”

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