Meghan McCain: GOP’s ‘Cowardice’ on Trump Tweets ‘Embarrassing’

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” the panel discussed President Donald Trump tweets at four so-called “progressive” female members of Congress over the weekend.

Joy Behar said, “He needs to be medicated number one. The other thing is I really think that he knows that they’re born here. He knows it. Just like he knew that Obama was not born in Kenya. He just does this as a racist whistle to people who follow him, and apparently, they’re just as racist as he is, so they buy it. that’s what he’s doing.”

Meghan McCain said, “Look, it’s deeply xenophobic and racist on a lot of different levels.”

She continued, “Stick to the politics. The problem is you’re making this about race. You’re making this about racism. You’re making this about what’s truly American, and it’s all these old racist dog whistles that have plagued this country for so long. And for me as the conservative representative on this show, I was so upset coming back yesterday. I was in D.C. with my husband, and I came back, like, this is what people think all conservatives are now, and we are not.”

She added, “The cowardice I’m seeing Republicans not speaking out and saying this today is embarrassing.”

Whoopi Goldberg said, “Bravo!”

Sunny Hostin said, “The silence is deafening.”

McCain said to the audience, “All of you, have at it. All of you go crazy. It’s deeply cowardly.”

Joy Behar, “The Republican leadership is disgraceful right now.”

Goldberg added, “Black Republicans, where the hell are you?!”

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