Rev. William Barber: ‘Jesus Is a Socialist’

During Saturday’s broadcast of “AM Joy” on MSNBC, network regular Rev. William Barber said that if caring for the sick and poor is socialism then “Jesus is a socialist,” which echoes comments he made at a Democratic National Committee meeting in August.

“If you say that caring for the sick and caring for the poor and lifting up society is socialism, then … by your own logic then you’re saying the abolition movement was socialism, the movement for women’s rights was socialism, the labor movement was socialism, social security was socialism and, more importantly, you’re saying Jesus is a socialist,” Barber argued. “By your logic. Not by mine. I call it doing what’s right. I call it following justice.”

“Well, Jesus also said to take care of the immigrants, but we won’t even go there,” host Joy Reid quipped.

Barber replied, “That’s right.”

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