Bill Maher, Michael Moore Spar over Democratic Party — ‘If the Election Were Tonight, Trump Would Win’

Earlier this week, HBO’s Bill Maher lamented the leftward drift of the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential candidates on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” calling it a “cancer on progressivism.”

On the Friday broadcast of his HBO program, Maher took on liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore on the issue, debating socialism versus capitalism, “The Squad,” and various other hot-button topics on which some Democrats have staked out a far-left position.

Moore insisted that far-left ideals and their proponents, including “The Squad,” were viewed favorably by the majority of the American electorate. Maher was skeptical and said he did not think the country was “there” on most issues, including Medicare for All, a policy supported by some of the Democratic presidential candidates.

Moore predicted Democrats would beat Trump in 2020. However, he said if the presidential election were tonight, Republican President Donald Trump would emerge as the winner.

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