Dem Sen. Coons on Kavanaugh: FBI Didn’t Conduct ‘by the Book’ Investigation

In a Tuesday appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) discussed the new sexual assault allegations that have come out against Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The victim apparently has no recollection of the sexual assault, but Coons believes the FBI’s investigation into all of the allegations against Kavanaugh was a “sham,” and he demanded to know who directed the FBI to not follow “standard investigatory procedure.”

“The FBI investigation was deeply disappointing and troubling,” Coons told host Alisyn Camerota. “They did not conduct what I would consider a by the book background investigation. They did not handle the tip line to the best of my knowledge in the way that tip lines typically are. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and I sent a letter to the director of the FBI August 1 saying please clarify why you didn’t follow what we understand to be standard investigatory procedure and at whose direction. The question we don’t have answered is given that that investigation is a sham, at whose direction did that happen? The FBI doesn’t just make these things up.”

“Look, I want this question answered — at whose direction was this narrowed? Why didn’t a more fulsome investigation happened?” he added.

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