ABC’s Huntsman: Trump’s Call to Ukraine Was ‘Extortion’

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Abby Huntsman said President Donald Trump’s call to the Ukraine president where he has confirmed he mentioned 2020 presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, was “extortion.”

Huntsman said, “As you guys know, I’ve been wary about this from the time it was trickling out last week because, one, we didn’t have all the facts, the media doesn’t always get it right, and it was the same Democrats calling for impeachment before he even got in office. I was, like, let’s just take a breath. The more I’m learning about this, and I think other people are learning about it, this is really alarming. Now we have more of the facts and the president himself even admitted it, but in my opinion, this is extortion.”

She continued, “I was trying to compare it to something in our life. He really was withholding the money, saying he was wanted Paris — he wanted France and Germany to pay for it. Why didn’t he tell Congress at the time that was the reason why? But if you have a boss that says, go do something for me, something that you don’t want to do, you know that they hold the cards, that if you don’t do it, you risk not getting paid, you risk getting fired. And Ukraine, they didn’t have the money that they needed, that they were promised they were going to get, so in that case he may say, I’m not pressuring you, but they know if you don’t do what I’m telling you to do, you will not be in a good position.”

She added, “I think, as a country, we should take a step back again and say, what should our president do that we should be proud of? Is this something we can stand by?”

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