FNC’s Wallace: There Is ‘Meat on the Bones’ of Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Tuesday on the Fox News Channel, anchor Chris Wallace said there was “meat on the bones” of the formal impeachment inquiry announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) earlier in the day.

Wallace said, “The fact is that President Trump and his staff have really said quite a lot since Sunday in trying to explain or defend what they did that puts a lot of meat on the bones. The fact that the president says that in that congratulatory phone call with the president-elect at that time of Ukraine, he did talk about Joe Biden. He did talk about Joe Biden and his son and possible corruption and expressed some concern about wanting the Ukrainian president to look into that. We also know, because it was admitted today by Kellyanne Conway, the story that was on the front page of The Washington Post, that the president did ask acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, before he made that phone call in July, to stop the provision of military aid to Ukraine, which had been overwhelmingly passed by Congress that everyone seemed in the government to want and the president said that he wanted it to be stopped.”

He continued, “So the two parts of the basic story here — that the president wanted Biden investigated, and that he had previously stopped aid that had been approved by Congress for Ukraine — those have been confirmed by the administration. The president denies that it was a quid pro quo.”

He added, “It may not bear fruit, but there is some meat on the bones here, both in terms of what the president said to the Ukrainian president and the actions that he had taken to stop aid before he made that call. So, there’s going to be something here for Congress to investigate, whether it ends up rising to the levels of articles of impeachment, we don’t know.”

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