Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page: Hunter Biden-Ukraine Controversy ‘Like Obama’s Birth Certificate’

On this weekend’s broadcast of Maryland Public Television’s “The McLaughlin Group,” Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page dismissed the need for former Vice President Joe Biden to offer any kind of response regarding allegations of wrongdoing by his son Hunter Biden regarding the Ukraine controversy.

According to Page, Biden is taking a similar approach to what Trump is taking.

“Joe Biden believes in the whole adage when you’re explaining, you’re losing,” Page said. “And that’s a fact. The same thing has happened with the other controversies, which have been minor gaffes mostly. But he’s right — you don’t see Trump try to explain anything. He just keeps moving on and just throws barbs back at this accusers. That’s the approach Biden has taken.”

Co-panelist Pat Buchanan responded to Page’s assertion by noting that media will be accompanying Biden on the campaign trail as the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary approach, and question how he will avoid the issue.

“This is an old controversy,” Page replied. “Nobody has found that either he or Hunter have done anything specifically wrong. But this is like Obama’s birth certificate. Donald Trump is going to keep talking about it as if there were a ‘there’ there.

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