Former Trump Adviser: Trump Controversy Worse Than Watergate — At Least Nixon ‘Was a Patriot’

Former pre-transition advisor for Donald Trump and George Mason University Law professor J.W. Verret declared Monday on CNN that Trump’s controversy over his dealings with foreign leaders was “a lot worse” than President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

Verret, a proponent of impeachment, said, “I felt there was enough there to begin impeachment proceedings, in fact, to call for a vote of impeachment, contained in the Mueller report.”

He continued, “This is much worse. I mean, people have made the analogy to the Nixon era scandals and Nixon’s resignation, but this is a lot worse than that. Nixon was a patriot. Of all the crazy things he did, he never would have accepted help from a foreign power for his own personal interest in an election, particularly one that would compromise the U.S. strategic interests. This is much worse, and I think momentum continues toward impeachment.”

He added, “There was potentially a cover-up, but a bumbling cover-up, that was quickly revealed by a courageous whistleblower. So we’re in a very good position to move quickly, I think. I’m glad the House is moving on impeachment. I think it’s unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi took this long. I think she frankly empowered Trump to do this second major violation.”

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