Pat Buchanan on Impeachment: ‘The American People More and More Are Seeing This as an Utter Partisan Battle’

During Sunday’s broadcast of the long-running syndicated program “The McLaughlin Group,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan critiqued the impeachment process underway in the House of Representatives.

Buchanan questioned the partisan nature of it, which he argued was not being missed by the public.

“[T]his whole thing – it shows how political and partisan it has become,” Buchanan said. “All the Democrats, basically on one side for impeachment, all the Republicans on the other side against the hearings. Pelosi appoints that very Solomonic judge and jurist [Adam] Schiff to run the show. And look, let’s look at the high crime and misdemeanor. What have we talked about? It now comes down to the fact Trump may have suspended for two months the delivery of lethal aid and Javelin missile to Ukraine, which Barack Obama denied to Ukraine for five years.”

“So my view is – what this is becoming is Schiff’s operation is really the opposition research arm of the Democratic Party trying to smear and stink up Trump before the election of 2020,” he added. “And I think that’s all that amounts to. And I think the American people more and more are seeing this as an utter partisan battle.”

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