Rahm Emanuel: Trump Is Not Like Nixon — His ‘Lineage’ Is Joseph McCarthy

On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said President Donald Trump was like former Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) who alleged that Communists spies had infiltrated the United States government.

Emanuel said, “We all use the metaphor and analogy of Nixon and Clinton. I think we have to rejigger it. This impeachment hearing with all the witnesses is more about McCarthy. You have career people. you have their entire professional reputation being destroyed by the Republicans and most importantly by the president of the United States.”

He added, “We use — everybody has — Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings as the juxtaposition. You have to go back in my view. It’s not an accident with Roger Stone, Roy Cohen—this president is a not a lineage out of Richard Nixon. He is a lineage out of Joe McCarthy.”

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