Carlson: ‘Instead of Destroying Trump, Impeachment Appears to Have Made Him Even Stronger’

During his show’s opening on Tuesday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson discussed how impeachment has become problematic for Democrats, as they have apparently made it a political strategy to attack President Donald Trump.

Carlson argued impeachment had instead worked in Trump’s favor and cited polls to show bolster his position.

Transcript as follows:

It was supposed to be the most cheerful holiday season imaginable for the Democratic Party. For three years, they fantasized about impeaching Donald Trump, lurid vision of trials, convictions, the helicopter lifting off from the last times from the White House lawn to the sustained applause to the press corps here in Washington. ‘Big Orange’ gone forever, banished to Mar-a-Lago, left back in power. Order restored. It would be like the 2016 election never happened. Like it was all a bad dream. That’s what the Democrats thought they were getting for Christmas this year. Unfortunately for them, Santa got delayed. They’re not getting a pony this year. They’re getting a bag of hair.

Instead of destroying Trump, impeachment appears to have made him even stronger like Godzilla. It turns out parading bureaucrats before the cameras demand that you send money to Ukraine, shut up, no questions allowed, isn’t very effective as a campaign strategy. And as a result, support for impeachment has fallen even among core Democratic voters. Here’s the latest example: Emerson poll released last week African-American voters, for example, just 37% now support impeachment, 38% are opposed, while 25% are uncertain, which itself is significant.

Meanwhile, the same poll among white voters 44% support impeachment. That’s not among white Democrats. That’s among all white voters. Think about that for a second — that means African-Americans, they remain the most loyal Democratic constituency, tend to be more skeptical of impeachment. In other words, in the Democratic Party, it is white liberals howling for impeachment. The rest of the party, not so much. That’s interesting. And unexpected and it has Democratic leaders squirming. They promised their base impeachment. The press told them it was a sure thing. It’s hard to back off from that. But going forward could devastate the party next fall. New polls from Rasmussen and Emerson both show the president’s approval rating rising.

If Donald Trump could get even half the figure among black voters that’s is getting now in those polls, he will win reelection. That has CNN commentator Ana Navarro on edge. When she saw that poll, she tweeted this: quote, ‘Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two cubic zirconia polyester spandex ladies.’ In other words, it’s a lot her party’s reaction to 2016: Keep talking and pretend it never even happened.

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