Scarborough: Lindsey Graham ‘Bragging’ About How He Will Be Biased in Impeachment

During Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough slammed Lindsey Graham for his recent “disgraceful” comments regarding impeachment reaching the U.S. Senate as the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman.

Scarborough accused Graham of “bragging” about how he has already made up his mind on President Donald Trump’s impeachment, adding Graham “thinks it’s funny” he will be biased.

“You know, the most disgraceful part of it is the fact that he actually, Donny, he actually is proud of the fact — he’s actually bragging about the fact that he’s not going to be fair,” Scarborough lamented. “He seems to take great pride in the fact that he is going to be everything that he hated back when I knew him, what he would say about Democrats.”

“He would say, ‘You’re jurors, how can you make a decision before the first bit of evidence is in?'” he continued. “And Lindsey now is bragging about the fact that he’s going to be biased and he’s not going to listen to any facts. And he’s not going to follow the facts. He’s not going the follow the laws. He doesn’t care what it is. And he thinks it’s funny.”

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