CNN’s Tapper on House GOP Impeachment Defense: ‘We’re About to Hear a Torrent of Lies’

Wednesday during CNN’s coverage of the House of Representatives’ impeachment vote against President Donald Trump, anchor Jake Tapper predicted House Republicans were about to present a “torrent of lies” in defense of the president.

Tapper said, “We have heard legitimate defenses of President Trump of there being enough question, enough doubt as to whether or not this should be an impeachable offense. Whether or not every vein has been exhausted in terms of trying to force subpoenas in terms of trying to get witness testimony, in terms of trying to get evidence. But one of the things we hear from House Republicans so often are just misrepresentations, lies about what happened.”

He added, “I don’t know if many people remember the show popup video on VH1. This would provide up little facts and figures on music videos back when people showed music videos. I wish we could do popup video for these facts because we’re about to hear a torrent of lies about what the president actually did.”

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