Dem Rep. Dean: Republicans Are Willing to ‘Mislead Our Children’ Over Impeachment

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Right Now,” Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) claimed she witnessed Republicans misleading America’s children over “what impeachment is and whose role and obligation it is.”

Keilar asked, “We’ve heard from Kevin McCarthy. He wants to name a few people, including Jim Jordan, Doug Collins. These are Trump firebrands. Should that impact how Democrats want to pick someone? What type of person should a Democrat pick, a firebrand, or people who are more measured?”

On impeachment managers, Dean said, “I hope and I believe that the speaker and the leadership team will pick people who prize the truth, who prize upholding the Constitution. You know, as I sat there day after day in the hearings and the floor debate around impeachment, I kept thinking of the children. This was one of the most powerful, rare civics lessons that our children will ever learn. So I hope the Republicans pick people who will uphold the Constitution. Not put forward false notions as they did in the House about what impeachment is and whose role and obligation it is. This is an important, grave civics lesson to uphold our precious Constitution. We owe this generational duty. So rather than firebrands and those who are willing to speak non-truths, who are willing to mislead our children about what the role of Congress is in impeachment, I hope they pick people with integrity who care only about the facts and the law and the behavior of this president, that he has so abused his power and put in jeopardy our national security and our own elections. So firebrands is nonsense.”

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